10 Productivity Tips

As you go about the task of managing your time more effectively you may find that, like any other good habit in life, the routine can be broken if not followed. After you've gone through all the trouble of organizing your office, setting up your most productive routine and managing your time better you may be tempted to backslide. These ten tips will help you keep moving in the right direction.

1. Be clear about what your major goals are. Remember, you'll never get to where you are going if you don't have a map.

2. Make a commitment to your goals. What will you do to make sure you are meeting the goals and what will you stop doing to make sure you can meet your goals? For example: you may commit to taking 15 minutes at the end of each day to prepare for the next day and you will stop checking email every 5 minutes, instead check every couple of hours.

3. Go all out to keep your most productive routine in place. Use the best supplies, materials and personnel to make sure you are able to get the most of your time.

4. If you have started a new business remember that it will take a lot of time and hard work before you start to see profit. Don't get discouraged, stay the course and you'll be successful in the end.

5. Always work on identifying those tasks that are going to make the real difference. Being busy for the sake of being busy is not what brings success. Success comes from focusing on the actions that are going to take you and your business forward.

6. Keep projects moving. The number one reason projects don't get completed is because the people behind them fail to keep them moving. Projects are like plants: water them and they thrive, forget about them and they die.

7. When you have scheduled a specific amount of time to work on a task, keep to the allotted time to the minute. Just like the cliffhanger in your favorite series, stopping at the allotted time leaves you wanting more and eager to return to the project.

8. Being able to estimate how long a project or a task is going to take is a very valuable skill, and one which very few people have. You can greatly improve your skills at this by using a time tracking tool. Once you know how long the task takes you can schedule the rest of your time accordingly.

9. Don't think of the finish line, think in terms of the first step, then the next step. By taking things one step at a time the task is much smaller and easier to manage. In this way it's easier to keep moving forward. Remember the way to eat a frog is one bite at a time.

10. Take time out to weed your projects and tasks on a regular basis. Remember: if you have more tasks than you can handle they won't be done well. Delegate! Ask for help! Focus on those tasks that absolutely must have your attention and will produce the highest level of success


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