To cut down on the size of the install executable, the macro engine files are installed separately.  Click here to download a 1 Meg setup program that will install the necessary macro files.  If you need help on downloading and running applications from the internet, click here.


Here are some macros that users and others have contributed.  We're sorry that we can't provide tech support on these, or help you with VBA programming in general, but we hope you'll find them useful.  These macros are intended for advanced users with VBA experience.  If you have a macro you'd like to share, please contact us!

WARNING: Running VBA macros is potentially dangerous, since a macro can directly access or change data on your computer.  You should make sure you back up your data before running a new macro.

Macro to Export Quickbooks Timer Data

Time Logger exports invoice data to Quickbooks, but not actual time records.  This macro exports time record information from the current database to a timer file that can be read by Quickbooks Pro 2000.  Note that you will have to determine the "company creation time" for your company.  You can do this by creating a timer file with Quickbooks' Timer, then viewing it with a text editor.  More information on this file format may be found in the Quickbooks help (under IIF File Format).  Click here to view or download it.

Macro to Create Excel Pie Chart Showing Billable vs. Non-billable Time

When you run this macro, it will calculate the percentage of your time that is billable, then open Excel and create a pie chart showing this percentage.  Click here to view or download it.

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