Instead of going to a music store and spending $20 to $140 for a metronome, why not just download the Responsive Metronome and install it right now?

The Responsive Metronome:

  • Works just like a dedicated hardware metronome
  • Lets you quickly adjust the tempo with the on-screen scroll bar or the up/down buttons
  • Displays the tempo both numerically ("204 Beats/Min") and verbally ("Prestissimo")
  • Lets you hear and/or see the beat

With the Responsive Metronome, you can:

  • Play musical pieces at the proper tempo
  • Work on maintaining the beat throughout the musical piece
  • Teach your kids to keep the beat while practicing
  • Improve your sense of rhythm

Here's what the Responsive Metronome will look like on your Palm:

Responsive Software Metronome Image

Note that if you've selected to view as well as hear the beat (using the "Video" check box), the large note at the top will jump from side to side with each beat.

How Much Does the Responsive Metronome Cost?

The Responsive Metronome is shareware, and it costs only $8. Try it out, and if you like it, you can buy it.

How Do I Buy it?

We're making changes to our web site, and we don't currently have a link for purchasing Responsive Metronome.  Please contact us if you want us to hurry up and make it available!

How do I Get It?

IMPORTANT: Responsive Metronome requires Version 2 of the Palm operating system.

Just click here to download your fully-functional evaluation version of the Responsive Metronome. The file you'll download is called "". It's only 4K bytes in size, and will download about a second. Once you've downloaded it and unzipped it, you can install it onto your Palm by running the Palm Install Tool (in your Palm group) and selecting "metronom.prc".

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