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In the quest for time management many people find out that their feelings of inefficiency are not just about a lack of time management but also a mixture of lacking motivation.

Steve Chandler, motivational author, stated that, "the choices we make for our thinking either motivates us or they do not. And although clear visualization of a goal is a good first step,a joyfully motivated life demands more. To live the life you want to live, action is required".

So here are some great tips for helping you stay motivated.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize!
Many of us have so much going on inside of our minds, juggling multiple to do lists, that
we struggle just to focus. Often times we loose focus because we are so consumed worrying about the negative possibilities. If you change your way of thinking to more positive outcomes, life will follow suit. Focus on what it is you want in life and it will come to you. When you begin to focus on being a happier more motivated person, you will be.

2. Break out of your comfort zone.
We are part of a culture that truly promotes being comfortable and unchallenged. Challenge
promotes growth and is necessary for us to become better. It is in the challenges we face that drive us to be motivated and tackle the challenge. When we are challenged in our lives that is when the growth of who we are occurs.

3. Knowledge is power.
Many great people have said that knowledge is power. What you know is where your strength resides. Nourish your strength often. Decide that you are in charge of your
knowledge and it is up to you choose what you know. A college professor once told me to never accept what other people say to be hard facts. Instead, I should go find the information and form my own opinion based on the evidence. In other words, be in control of what I know and do not allow the media or other people to tell me what I think.

4. Slow and steady wins the race.
As you start to tackle a specific job or duty, it is recommended to break it down into
simpler pieces. Remember to start slow and steady and that the important thing is that you are doing the task and not how quickly the task can be accomplished. The interesting thing here is that when you begin to think about a task that appears to be hard, you have already labeled it in your mind as impossible. So then naturally, it is much easier to avoid doing the task all together. Whereas, the mental picture of starting a task slow and easy frees your mind up to the notion of actually performing it without being in a frenzied rush and therefore you actually complete the task.

5. Rituals can spur you to action.
Make a ritual that is just yours; this ritual will be your own little shortcut to jump start
your self-motivation. Author Steve Chandler, wrote that, " starting a ritual is taking an
action that leads toward finding the solution". Some people have rituals such as, taking a walk or driving around in a car until a solution comes to them. Whatever you choose to be your ritual, just know that the activity you have chosen is your start to finding a solution.

Once you begin to think differently you will see the changes that positive thinking and self
motivation make in your life. The most important thing is to remember that motivation causes action and action will give great results. Inspire yourself daily by following the suggestions above.

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