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License Terms Summary: All licenses come with one year of free updates and a measured amount of email, phone and/or remote technical support. The amount of support that is included with the purchase depends upon the number of licenses you purchase. Additional support is available for purchase. After one year has elapsed, we will be pleased to continue providing updates, use of the setup program and a measured amount of technical support for an additional year for a small contribution of 30% of the base price when you renew your license within one month before or after the expiration date.

License Key Delivery is via Automatic Email:Check your SPAM or JUNK email folders if you do not receive this email within a couple of minutes after successfully completing your online order.

If you already own Responsive Time Logger®, and want to add more users, upgrade, or purchase additional copies, we have special prices for our existing customers. Please click a button below for directions on how to receive your special pricing as an existing customer.

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Product(s) Number of Users and Total Cost Your Cost Support Included Click to Buy
Responsive Time Logger 1 User $89 30 mins.
Responsive Time Logger 2 Users
($89 x 2 = $178)
$178 $158
save $20
50 mins.
Responsive Time Logger 3 Users
($89 x 3 = $267)
$267 $237
save $30
1 hr.
Responsive Time Logger Up to 5 Users
($89 x 5 = $445)
$445 $395
save $50
2 hrs.
Responsive Time Logger Up to 10 Users
($89 x 10 = $890)
$890 $740
save $150
3 hrs.
Responsive Time Logger Up to 15 Users
($89 x 15 = $1,335)
$1,335 $990
save $345
4 hrs.
Responsive Time Logger Up to 25 Users
($89 x 25 = $2,225)
$2,225 $1,499
save $726
5 hrs.
Responsive Time Logger Up to 50 Users
($89 x 50 = $4,450)
$4,450 $2,399
save $2,051
7 hrs.
Responsive Time Logger Up to 100 Users
($89 x 100 = $8900)
$8900 $2,999
save $5,901
10 hrs.

What If I Already Own Time Logger?

If you have an older version Time Logger, or if you want to add additional users to your site license, please click here and follow the directions on the next page.

Ordering Responsive Knowledgebase

  • RKB costs only $49.  To order RKB on our secure server, click here.
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