Procrastination - The Big Time Eater!

One of the best ways to have the successful, productive days you desire is to be in the habit of starting and completing tasks regularly. This may sound easy but if you find yourself procrastinating, you know that this is not as easy as it seems.

It's normal for people to procrastinate to some degree but if you chronically procrastinate, you may find yourself feeling stressed, and guilty over the loss of personal productivity. You may be the epicenter for professional crisis and disapproval because of the responsibilities that were not fulfilled. All of this combined can promote further procrastination.

Ironically, procrastinators are great at getting all the trivial tasks done and look like the busy bee in the office. In reality they find it difficult to dive in on those important, most valuable tasks - the tasks that will bring you closer to the highest level of success and recognition.

If you are familiar with Pareto's principle, you know that 80% of your day is spent on 20% of your work. The key is to be sure the work you are focused on will produce the most valuable results. The most important tool for success is the ability to discriminate between levels of priority. There is never going to be enough time to do everything on your list but there is always enough time to do the most important, most meaningful and productive tasks.

Start by planning your day in advance and identifying the most important tasks. Cleaning off your desk, sorting email, watering plants - these can all wait or, better yet, be delegated so you can focus on the most valuable tasks.

Eat a light lunch. Believe it or not when you eat heavy you feel bogged down and sleepy, which is even more difficult to break through if you are a procrastinator. Likewise get plenty of sleep and try to get into the routine of exercising. This will improve your concentration which will help you plow through the more taxing items.

Don't skip the "hard" stuff in favor of easier, less time consuming items. Instead, break these down into smaller, bite size pieces. Make a list and take satisfaction by crossing items of the list. By taking the task one bite at a time you'll soon find you have completed the job.

Reward yourself when you complete the task within a certain time frame! Make the size of the reward compare to the level of the task. This is especially important for procrastinators because you need the incentive to start and stick to the task.

Equally important, don't let yourself feel guilty if you didn't’t do something at the time you assigned yourself, sometimes you won't make the deadline. But don't reward yourself either! Remember, guilt is one of the things that will make you continue to procrastinate so try to get rid of that feeling. Instead focus on completing the task and identifying ways to make sure you stay on track with the next task.

Procrastination can be one of the biggest roadblocks to success. It eats time because less important jobs take precedent over more valuable, success oriented tasks. By managing the tendency to procrastinate you'll find yourself feeling exhilarated by the feeling of productivity and you'll see your career take off.

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