Time Management Tips

Everyone has days that are overly active, frenzied or just plain unorganized. How can you turn it around? time-tracking-software Whether you are part of a large corporation or a brilliant "one man show" time management skills are important because you probably find yourself wearing many hats during the course of the day. Here are a few tips to help you increase productivity in the face of frenzy!

There is no such thing as time management! Someone coined the phrase but it's really just a grand myth. No matter what you do there are only 24 hours in a day and that will never change. In reality, you aren't managing time, you're really managing yourself.

Have you fallen prey to the time bandit? It's not unusual for us to be the victim of time-wasters. The trick is to figure out where the time goes. In this day and age it's not unusual to find that you've spent too much time with email or surfing the net. Try tracking your activities for one day to get a picture of where you actually spent your time - you may be surprised!

What's your goal? Goal setting is important to every business but have you thought about your time management goals? Managing time (yourself) actually focuses on changing your behavior. Start by recognizing where the time goes then set a goal for how you want to spend that time (more productively).

Take it one step at a time like setting a specific time to read and respond to email and not checking in between. Start everyday with a time management session with yourself. Decide what is most important and work from there.

Don't be afraid to delegate or outsource! There are going to be times that you need help so don't think you have to go it alone. There are plenty of other professionals out ther who will be happy to help out in a pinch.

Once you have an idea of where the time goes and what you want to change set up a plan. Don't try to become a time management champion overnight, take it one step at a time. Using tools can help.

There are many tools to help manage time from Day-Timers to software programs. Even something as simple as your email program can help you categorize and manage time. Scheduling in advance is the first step. Tracking where the time is spent is the second so a good time keeping system is equally important. These two tips will help you stay on top and become more productive than ever!

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