What is it?

TipCalc is a trivial but very useful application. It calculates the tip at a restaurant, with a minimum of keystrokes. You simply enter the total cost of the meal, and it shows you the tip and the total amount of money to leave on the table. You select the tip percentage you wish to use (e.g. 15%) from a list of percentages.

For example, if the meal total is $53.20 and you've selected a tip percentage of 15%, TipCalc will show you that the tip should be 7.98, and the total amount of money to leave is 61.18 (Of course, you may wish to round that off and leave $61).

Advanced Feature: Coupons

There is one advanced feature that comes in handy if you use discount coupons when dining. When you get a discount from, for example, and Entertainment Book coupon, you may wish to base the tip on the total cost of the meal, without the coupon deduction. The calculations then get a little more difficult. For example, the server tells you that your total, after deducting the $12.99 for the coupon is $47.22. At this point, to determine the tip, the math comes out to (47.22 + 12.99) * .15 = $9.03. And the total amount to leave is (47.22*12.99) * .15 - 12.99 = $56.25.

TipCalc will do this higher math for you. If your server presents a check with the total cost after the coupon has been deducted, simply enter this into the "Total After Coupon" field, and put the amount you saved with the coupon in the "Coupon Savings" field. Leave the Total Cost of Food blank.

If your server presents you with a check on which the coupon has not been deducted, just enter that total on the "Total Cost of Food" line, and put the amount saved with the coupon on the "Coupon Savings" line. Leave the "Total After Coupon" field blank.

How Much Does the TipCalc Cost?

TipCalc is FREE!

How do I Get It?

Just click here to downloadTipCalc. The file you'll download is called "tipcalc.zip". It's only 4K bytes in size, and will download in about a second. Once you've downloaded it and unzipped it, you can install it onto your Palm by running the Palm Install Tool (in your Palm group) and selecting "tipcalc.prc".

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