This page has some excellent videos that tell you about Time Logger and show you how to use it.  Each one shows Time Logger in action along with audio narration.  You can use them to help you decide whether to purchase Time Logger, or as instructional videos.

Each video comes in two formats, AVI and WMV. AVI is also a common video format that should work with a variety of video players. WMV should work with Windows Media Player and most other video players. Please try the AVI format first. If it does not work, then try the WMV format. You may download RealPlayer which plays AVI videos and use it for free by visiting: You may download Windows Media Player which plays WMV videos for free by visiting: Note that you must have a legal license of Windows to install Windows Media Player.

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AVI WMV Video Title Description Size
.avi .wmv Introduction to Time Logger A brief introduction to the main components of Time Logger 5.6 M
.avi .wmv The Main Screen Demonstrates the parts of Time Logger's main window 3.1 M
.avi .wmv How to Adjust Columns Demonstrates how to insert, hide and move the Columns that are on the Main Window. 2.2 M
.avi .wmv How to use the Stopwatch Shows you how to use Time Logger's Stopwatch 3.9 M
.avi .wmv Using Filters Teaches you how to use Time Logger's Time Record Filters 3.6 M
.avi .wmv Introduction to Descriptor Linking Shows you how to link different rates to different clients 2.6 M
.avi .wmv Introduction to Invoicing Shows you how to create and post an invoice 3.9 M
.avi .wmv Always Start Time Logger with the Same User Shows you how to bypass the login window that asks for your username each time you start Time Logger. .7 M
.avi .wmv How to Delete an Invoice If you've posted an invoice but want to delete it, this video shows you how to do it. 1.9 M
.avi .wmv How to Put Time Record Details on an Invoice Shows you how to add time record details to your invoice or to a report that you include with your invoice. 2.0 M
.avi .wmv The Palm Interface - Main Screen Introduces the main screen of the Time Logger/Palm Interface 1.5 M
.avi .wmv The Palm Interface - Add Time Record Shows you how to add a time record on the Palm Interface 2.8 M
.avi .wmv The Palm Interface - Stopwatch  Introduces the stopwatch on the Time Logger/Palm Interface 2.4 M
.avi .wmv Finding Records After HotSyncing Can't find records that you HotSynced?  Watch this video. 2.1 M

If you have a problem viewing any of one these videos or have a request for a video you'd like to see,  please contact us! Please include the name of the video if you are having difficulty watching it.

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