Home Sweet Office!

With gas prices soaring now is the time to consider telecommuting! It's not that uncommon to find people who work part or full time from home. If you are one of the new telecommuters or you just want a quiet place to work on occasion, the design of your home office can make or break the level of productivity you'll experience. After all, the quality of your work may depend on it.

The home office affords the ability to work at your own pace, at times that you are mentally most productive. Unfortunately people who have a home office forget the rules because it IS a "home" office. The key is to treat your home space like you would any other office and set up the space accordingly.

Are you already working from home but getting the itch to make a change? Start by trying to identify what is causing the need for change - what is not working in your office - you'll be able to make your space more functional.

Whether you are just beginning to establish your home office or you are want to reorganize for better use of space, start by putting your office equipment together. Telephone, computer, files, reference materials, calculator, office supplies etc. all need to be set up as you would your own personal office away from home. If you are in a "temporary" office situation, like the kitchen table, try setting up a rolling cart with all your office equipment and supplies so your table can be the desk when necessary but easily converts back to home space.

If you are fortunate enough to have a room to dedicate to your home office, be sure to check on the electrical capacity of the room. Do you have enough outlets for the computers, printers, copiers etc.? How about a dedicated telephone line.

To save time and make your job easier, locate those items you use most frequently nearest your work area. This includes having a telephone readily accesible on your desk, putting the printer right next to the computer - keep the number of steps across the room and around the house to a minimum. This will also keep down the number of potential distractions and interruptions.

Conversely, don't keep extra supplies in your desk. All the extras like multipurpose paper, extra pens, and file folders can be stored across the room or in another room if necessary. Remember to use vertical storage space when possible, there is always extra room to add a shelf on a wall for things that don't need to be right in front of you.

Next, think about how you will plan your time. The best place to start is by selecting a tool you will love to use - it can be a pda, your computer calendar, or even a paper calendar on your desk. Ideally find a format that has time slots listed by the half hour. Use this to plan your time as if you were in an actual office setting. Your level of productivity will be directly influenced by the way you organize your time.

Also remember to keep your home and business life separate by keeping bills, vacation plans etc. out of the office. This may get hard and the lines often blur in this area but if this gets out of hand you'll quickly find yourself spending time in your office researching the best place to hold the next family reunion and missing out on productivity! As you work in your office space, notice what works for you and what needs to be adjusted. Minor changes and improvements to what works will help support your goal. When your space feels right, you'll find yourself excelling in your home environment.

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